Returning Students

Welcome back! We’re glad you’re interested in returning to HB Studio. You’re probably seeing that we’ve made some changes to our curriculum and class structure. In order to address the specific needs of students with different skills and experience, we’re placing students at different levels of practice. Given the reality of so many students having come through HB over the years, we’ve only processed placements for students enrolled in the Spring or Summer of 2013. So, for those students returning from a hiatus, we’re asking that you give us some information about your time here and what you’ve been up to in the meantime so we can get an idea where you should be placed in the new class structure. To start that process, please fill out our Placement Application and a member of our registration team will follow up. If you’ve been away from us for 3 years or more, we suggest you make an appointment to audition, so we can get reacquainted.