More than a school, HB is a studio: a workplace for the teaching and practice of art. Here you take charge  of your own artistic development. Your relationship with your instructors and your fellow students is a professional relationship. Theatre is collaborative, and the success of the whole depends on each individual’s commitment. You must have humility about what you know or do not know, be open and proactive about learning and willing to respect the level of knowledge, experience, and practice required to function as an artist.

At HB you can take one class at a time, create your own part-time or full-time program, or enroll in a program of integrated full-time study. In addition to our regular schedule of classes, we offer short-term skill-building workshops throughout the year.


HB Studio serves a diverse international and multi-generational community of active professionals, up-and-coming talents, aspiring beginners, and serious amateurs. We embrace and celebrate this diversity in our students because we believe a mix of life experience adds richness to our work as theatre artists.