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CASTING CALL for Leading Role in Original Musical


Urgently seeking one female to play a leading role in an original musical  by Marsha Johnson which will be performed at the NY Theater Festival, Summerfest July 9, 11, and 14.

FANCY (W):  an eternally vulnerable young woman with a bright, trusting energy. She is a heart-felt character and has a solo and multiple ensemble numbers.

Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings 
Shows: July 9, 11, & 14

If you are interested and available immediately, please submit your resume and headshot to Marsha Johnson at

CASTING CALL for an Upcoming Production at The Royal Court Theater

Seeking NON-UNION (non SAG/AFTRA/AEA) Caucasian actors and non-actors for a filmed segment that will be part of an upcoming production at The Royal Court Theatre in London.

Actively interested in people of all types/sizes, of diverse gender identities and of all physical and developmental abilities. Also interested in actors with regional accents indigenous to the United States (i.e. Southern, Midwestern, Boston, etc).

Age 9ish  – 70s

Must be available to shoot the week of July 9, 2018 to film in NYC. Will only shoot a couple of hours one day that week. $100 compensation.

If you are interested and available, please submit the following information to


  • confirmation of non-union status
  • headshot
  • resume
  • confirmation of NYC location


  • recent photo
  • confirmation of NYC location

If selected, you will be asked to read a few paragraphs of supplied text on camera.


Saturday & Sunday, June 23 & 24 | 8 pm
First Floor Studio
120 Bank Street

Free! RSVP

Created and Directed by Emilyn Kowaleski and Sarah Stites

This Play Was Not Written by a Woman is a devised performance piece that explores the layered nature of personal identity and self-expression. By creating privilege-wielding alter-egos and aggressively self-positive WWE wrestling personas, our ensemble lampoons  society’s expectations of sex, gender, and race in a raucous farce of never-ending reveals.

CASTING CALL: Hak by Berkay Ates


A tale of the people who had to leave their homelands without looking back, leaving their names, identities, and languages behind in pursuit of a new life.

Cast (2 women, 1 man) Black, Latino, Asian, Mixed-race, Ethnically Ambiguous, Middle Eastern. All accents are welcome.

  • MAN M, 40s, blue-collar, loving and resilient father who loses his only daughter in a missile attack.
  • WOMAN W, 20-40, white-collar, curious, and tender. She understands the world around her better than everybody else, that is her curse.
  • DAUGHTER W, 15-25, only child, zealous, passionate, and smart. She gets lost in the war-torn city.

HAK is a recipient of an HB Rehearsal Space Residency Program.

Rehearsals: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays | 6-9pm
Saturday, August 4th |  4-10pm
Sunday, August 5th    |  6-10pm
Shows: August 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 at HB Studio | 7pm

If you are interested and do not have any conflicts with rehearsal and showtimes, please submit your resume and headshot to

If selected, you will be asked to prepare two classical monologues for your audition.

There is a limited budget, but, if chosen, you will be given a modest stipend and a professional and safe environment to create.

People Who Make Theater: The Performing Arts Legacy Project

The Performing Arts Legacy Project at the Actors Fund 
A public talk with Joan Jeffri, Director of the Research Center for Arts and Culture

Monday, June 18, 2018
7:30PM, HB Playwrights Theatre
$5-10 suggested donation | RSVP

THE PERFORMING ARTS LEGACY PROJECT at The Actors Fund (PAL) is an inter-generational project to document and represent performers’ careers aged 62+. Trainers, students and volunteers work to create career timelines, oral histories, video and audio life reviews, capturing memorabilia and experiences, and saving our national legacy. The digital legacies will be housed at an open source archive online, as well as in related performers’ unions and libraries. PAL is being piloted with small cohorts of actors aged 62+ at The Actors Fund and several small theaters around New York City towards a public launch.

Join us to hear about the project from its creator, Joan Jeffri (Director of the Research Center for Arts and Culture) and to see a preview of the online platform.

Also featuring HB Studio’s Craig Dolezel, a PAL Fellow and participant in the project. More speakers TBA!

TRANSGRESSIONS: Six evenings, Six plays-in-process

Six evenings, six plays-in-process: staged readings of new works.

June 26 – July 1, 2018 | 7pm
HB Playwrights Theatre
124 Bank Street, NYC

June 26 – LOVE, ROSE by Reneé Flemings
Set during the Age of Jazz, “Love,Rose” is one woman’s story of overcoming challenges of loving who you love and how the truth becomes malleable when race is at the heart of the matter.

Six people’s lives collide while looking at Art at a Museum in Harlem.

June 28 – NIGHT SHADOWS by Lynda Crawford
Russian poet Anna Akhmatova is keeping her promise to tell of the “true twentieth century”—of lives disrupted, her poetry banned, and so many loved ones lost under Stalin’s brutal regime.

June 29 – MR. WAHEEB by David Loughlin
A young black man has been picked-up by Federal agents and taken to an interrogation room in lower Manhattan. He is suspected of being connected to a massive terror strike against the United States. He is young, naive, and very possibly innocent.

June 30 – HOT AND HOLY by Susan Eve Haar
Sex in a coma, a love story.

July 1 – WHAT’S NEXT MAX? A LOVE STORY by William Shuman
For more than fifty years, Max and Maxine shared their lives and more often than not the stage; now comes the hard part.

All shows at 7PM

HB Playwrights Theatre
124 Bank Street, NYC

Featuring plays selected from the 2018 Rehearsal Space Residency Applicants.

CASTING CALL: 2Y20M (Two Years Twenty Minutes) by Catherine Castellani


In 1991 a crew of eight was sealed into Biosphere 2 to conduct the largest closed-system experiment ever devised or attempted. Two years and twenty minutes later they emerged: skinny, triumphant, controversial, celebrated, and maligned. This is one story of their before, during, and after and what it meant for conducting science on a grand scale.

Cast (5 women, 5 men, + stage directions)

  • JANE W, 27, British, sharp, humorous, the youngest crew member
  • ABIGAIL W, mid-30s, American, earnest, intense
  • LINDA W, 40s, American, conscientious, agreeable
  • SIERRA W, 50s, British, no-nonsense, sharp
  • MARGRET W, mid-30s, political, sharp, aggressive, off/on lover of John
  • TABER M, early 30s, man, American, easy-going, confident
  • LASER M, 40s, Belgian, emotional, volatile
  • MARK M, 50s, American, business-like, taciturn
  • ROY M, early 70s, American, affable, unflappable, an MD, the oldest crew member
  • JOHNNY M, 60s, American, the patriarch & founder of the Synergists
  • Stage Directions, any willing reader–aspiring directors welcome

2Y20M is a the recipient of an HB Rehearsal Space Residency, which starts on May 30 and runs through two public readings on July 21 and 22.

You do not need to be available throughout the residency to participate! It’s a large cast and the plan is to cycle through lots of actors in the first month, so come try it out.

If you are interested, please send your picture/bio to Catherine Castellani at cmcastellani @ Thank you!

People Who Make Theater – Tectonic Theater POSTPONED

Tectonic Theater (The Laramie Project)
A conversation with Jimmy Maize

Moderated by Pablo Andrade

This event has been postponed until further notice. 


TECTONIC THEATER PROJECT is an award-winning company whose plays have been performed around the world.  The company is dedicated to developing innovative works that explore theatrical language and form, fostering an artistic dialogue with audiences on the social, political, and human issues that affect us all.  In service to this goal, Tectonic supports readings, workshops, and full theatrical productions, as well as training for students around the country in their play-making techniques.

Tectonic Theater Project was founded in 1991 by Moisés Kaufman and Jeffrey LaHoste. Tectonic refers to the art and science of structure and was chosen to emphasize the company’s interest in construction — how things are made, and how they might be made differently.

Its groundbreaking plays, The Laramie ProjectGross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, and I Am My Own Wife among others have sparked national discourse and have inspired artists and audiences worldwide.