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Parker, Corey

Corey Parker is an alum of HB Studio and the HB Playwrights Foundation. He studied with Uta Hagen and acted under the direction of Herbert Berghof in three productions. Corey has recently been the official acting coach for the CMT Series, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET, which he also appears in. Corey has coached actors in Wim Wenders and Sam Shepard’s DON’T COME KNOCKIN’ as well as on TV shows such as MASTERS OF SEX, BLUE BLOODS, and CHICAGO MED. Corey has coached numerous actors on Broadway. Corey has taught at HB Studio, Michael Howard Studios, Susan Batson Studios, Operafest in Martha’s Vineyard, and in L.A. at Lesly Kahn’s Studio, The Ruskin School of Acting, BGB Studios, New Collective, L.A. He was Guest Artist at Rhodes College in Memphis and is Guest Artist at University of Memphis for 2016-2017. He is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio in N.Y. and L.A. and a member of the Ensemble Studio Theater in N.Y. and L.A. He has coached Patrick Dempsey, Sean Combs, Annaleigh Ashford, Naomi Campbell, MC Lyte and many others. He has appeared in BROADWAY BOUND, BILOXI BLUES, Will and Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Loving, DESTINY-THE ELIZABETH TAYLOR STORY, LOST LANGUAGE OF CRANES, WHITE PALACE, and many others. He has appeared as star or costar on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, UPN, PBS, BBC and guest star on HBO, Showtime and Lifetime. Corey has worked with the Steppenwolf Theater Company and has appeared at the Public Theater, the St. James, American Place, Circle Rep, Ensemble Studio Theater and in Los Angeles at the Mark Taper, the Coronet and at E.S.T. Corey is a native of New York and is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts.

Parker- The On Camera Journey

Presented by: Corey Parker

Whether it’s an audition you get the night before, or you are stepping on set to shoot a scene on a TV show, On Camera acting insists that the actor accomplish many things in a short period of time. The On Camera Journey is about making choices with material, choices that serve the text and that allow the actor to utilize his or her authenticity. Our authenticity as artists and human beings is our greatest asset, one that requires an artist’s measure of self care. In this workshop, you will work with material and learn to utilize the tools that Corey Parker has distilled from his many years as an actor in Film and TV and as a teacher of award-winning clients. You are encouraged to bring a journal. Corey Parker creates a safe space for the actor and encourages your truth, voice and heart to be at the core of this work.


HB Studio’s approach to acting is practical and physical. We mean for you to realize all the means at your disposal to discover yourself in the character’s particulars and to come alive, in action, on camera or on stage.

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We also offer the following short-term acting workshops:

Austin PendletonClifford Odets Scene Study, Part A (Jan 7-Feb 4)
Austin Pendleton– Clifford Odets Scene Study, Part B (Feb 11-Mar 11)
Carol RosenfeldUta Hagen’s Acting Process, Part A (Jan 10-Feb 7)
George PortSelf Taping Auditions (Feb 9)
Carol Rosenfeld Uta Hagen’s Acting Process, Part B (Feb 14-March 14)
Mark BlumVoice Over 1 (Jan 29- Feb 6) 
David Sharp
Show Me the Money: Financial Empowerment for Artists (Feb 11- Mar 11)
Laila Robins & Frank WoodChekhov Scene Study (Feb 15- Mar 15)
George BartenieffShakespeare Basics (Feb 15- Mar 15)
Corey ParkerThe On Camera Journey (Feb 16- Feb 24)

About HB Studio Acting Classes:

Studio Practice: If you are a professional actor working at an advanced level of artistic training, having mastered the skills we emphasize in our studio curriculum, Studio Practice is a place to work out, renew, stretch, explore, and maintain an ongoing diagnostic relationship with your work.

Level 3: Advanced practice with complex scenes and exercises to help you compete and thrive as a professional actor. You expand your repertoire, strengthen your technique, and develop reliable tools for solving challenges outside your comfort zone.

Level 2: Breaking down the scene, building a truthful, repeatable life on stage. You continue to develop skills introduced in Level 1, moving into scene work and text, and using Uta Hagen’s powerful suite of exercises to find the character’s circumstances and give them organic life.

Level 1: Whether you are starting out or wish to return to the foundations of a strong technique, the focus at this level is on presence and awareness: developing a deeper, more dynamic sensory relationship to your body, exploring your creative resources, and expanding your sense of self in relation to an array of possible circumstances. *No audition, placement or prerequisite required.

HB’s Studio Practice offerings are made possible through the National Endowment for the Arts nea-lockup-A

Junior Prom

Playwright: Edward Napier

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Alexandra Gittes, Corey Parker

Set Designer: Lester Polakov Lighting Designer: Greg Macpherson Costume Designer: Lydia Hamza Dramaturg: Donna De Matteo Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Stage Manager: Mitzi Leone Assistant Stage Managers: Heidi Brennan, Janet Cassin, Heidi Hemingway Bendrat Poster: Robert Fleri Sound: Thomas Moffatt Production Electricians: Matthew Conlon, Leila Mansury, Susan Fowles Sound Technicians: Rebecca Nestor, Vicki Hartshorn

Junior Prom was performed March 1st – 9th

The Old Flag

Playwright: Vincent Canby

 Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Harold James, Corey Parker, Robert Symonds

Set: Mina Albergo Lighting: Craig Miller Costumes: Jane Greenwood Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Robert Fleri Stage Manager: Jolie Steckart Assistant Stage Manager: Heidi Brennan

Harrison, Texas

Playwright: Horton Foote

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Leo Burmester, William Hicke, Mike Leighton, Edith Meeks, Wallace Johnson, Richard Mawe, Sarah Rush/Patricia O’Grady, Sandy Dennis/Cecilia Peck, Ha Holden/Alexander Bernstein, Sally Burtenshaw/Samantha Atkins, Corey Parker

Set: Lester Polakov Costume: Jeanne Button Lighting: Susan A. White Assoc. Costume Design: John Carver Sullivan Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Rober Fleri

Harrison, Texas was performed July 9th

An Introduction to Acting on Camera

Presented by: Corey Parker

This workshop is a specialized approach to on camera work. Each individual actor will receive authentic audition material–culled from guest instructor Corey Parker’s work with top casting directors–and then prepare them as if for an audition. Each actor will begin by doing an audition and then engage in process-oriented work to be clear on their choice making and how to adjust it on camera to work to their creative potential. Specific techniques will be offered to understand what the camera can do and how to work with it effectively. This will be a positive approach to audition and on set camera work, designed to support the actor and utilize the training each actor has developed in order to create the authentic actor.

The second step will utilize prepared monologues to bring to light the actual difference between stage and camera work, as well as how this difference can be utilized to show the actor off at their best in every audition. The work will involve the actor’s instrument, the actor’s sense of truth, and the actor’s choice making and putting those choices into their work.

Session three will build upon steps one and two in watching the footage and discussing where each actor’s strengths and weaknesses will both be beneficial to the work if used properly. In the on camera process, an actor’s inner feeling toward the camera and toward themselves is important, and Corey’s supportive work will allow the actor to grow and find themselves in the equation of their work and their future on camera.


HB Studio’s alumni include many noted theater, film and television artists. We value their support and participation greatly. If you are, or have been a student at HB, we hope you’ll stay in touch and keep us apprised of your activities!


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