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Weekly Notice
mar 30-Apr 5

Online Classes & Workshops

Audit Online Classes

Try your first online class without penalty! We encourage you to try virtual learning with us. There is an intimacy to the setting and to the exchange that may surprise you. Students who wish to withdraw after trialing the first class will be able to do so without penalty.

Classes Tailored to Online Space

HB Studio will tailor its teaching and the topic to the virtual space and explore that creatively with our students. Please check each course page for more information on how teachers will conduct specific classes online.


“There are a few exciting advantages that will aid in learning the craft of acting. For example, in our Hagen and other work, we will learn about and explore endowing meaning in people, places and things. The fact that many of you will be in your own spaces, you may have access to a variety of objects, (photos, furniture etc.) that hold a specific and resonant meaning for you. This access to both those objects, as well as the very space you find yourself in, can be utilized in the work of creating a visceral personal connection, allowing you to act from that truth.” – David Deblinger

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Acting on camera

“One thing that is extremely important to me is creating a space that is truly warm and safe as we build our confidence with on camera work. Though we’ll be conducting our class remotely, I promise you that we will be covering a lot more than just theory. You’ll be busy! Here are just some of the things that we will cover:

  1. You will learn how to take control of the room during an on-camera audition.
  2. We will create original material, from monologues to scenes for our class material.
  3. You will watch yourself on the screen and be encouraged to express What Works, What Stands Out and What Leaves an Impression.
  4. You will learn about different frames while shooting and how they’re effective depending on what you’re doing and the effect that it has on the audience.
  5. You will master the art of HOW TO SELF-TAPE YOUR AUDITION.” – Victor Cruz

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Scene Study

“My virtual Scene Study class will have an atmosphere and structure not unlike a studio class… Instruction will be given on how to prepare, rehearse, and present scenes in the virtual medium… In the first few weeks the Breakout Room tool on Zoom will allow actors to rehearse during class time – and allow the teacher to drop in to each ‘rehearsal room’ and provide coaching. When scenes are ready for presentation, students and teacher will have the capability to watch scenes, watch the teacher’s response and dialogue with the actors after their scene, and then contribute to the post-scene discussion.” – Brian Mulligan

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Speech & Voice

“I ask that you come into this with an open mind and heart. This may be one of the most unique and adventurous learning opportunities we have. In person or online, exploring and learning from the world of speech remains the same.” – Joy Coronel

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“We will embark on solo movement studies through the lens of the Viewpoints of space, time, tempo, shape, story and emotion. All can be explored both in the imaginary world and physical world of Chairs and Walls and Doorways and Props, found in your own home! We will explore the Solo Presence work of Mary Overlie, and being Private in Public exercises I’m developing for the Zoom format. These space and storytelling practices for solo expression can also be applied to Ensemble work, and we will experiment with Duets and Trios through Zoom’s breakout rooms.” – Janice Orlandi

“Adapting this Stage Combat class into an online format, I will be assigning moves for us to do at home alone… We will learn about camera angles, and how to shoot your own fight scenes, even just by yourself with your phone. We will discuss gun safety, protocol and handling. We will learn how blood effects are achieved on stage. This time will certainly keep you busy and moving!” – Christian Kelly-Sordelet

Musical Theater & Singing

“The virtual singing class will consist of a group warmup to be followed by individual work. Each student will present their material to the class and will work towards strengthening their vocal skills emphasizing breath support, evenness of tone, clear diction and overall music preparation. Students will be encouraged to progress from their current level over the duration of the term.” – John Bowen


Young People

“We will focus on character development, storytelling via acting and how an actor adjusts their technique depending on the medium through which they communicate. The text work will focus on monologues minimizing any need for physical interaction.” – Claudia Terry

*Discounts valid for classes only; not valid for workshops, programs or merchandise. Discounts cannot be combined nor applied retroactively. Union discount applies for classes taken by cardholders only and cannot be used to enroll family or friends. Union discount available to AEA, AGVA, AGMA, SAG/AFTRA, WGA and Dramatist Guild Union Members.

Upcoming Workshops


“Often, the moments of our greatest progress and creativity arise during our most difficult circumstances. With much of the world in a virtual lock down and uncertainty and tumult in the economy, it is a prime time to assess and strengthen your financial wellness plan.” – David Maurice Sharp

“In this online workshop, learn the fundamental elements of the most common and useful Ballroom, Rhythm and Latin dances: when the casting call specifies, you need to know how to do them. We’ll learn the choreography of different ballroom and partner dance’s basic steps, their rhythm patterns, plus styling options and a bit of their histories. While certainly great for couples learning together (if an option), individual students will be coached on how to communicate physically, how the leader guides and the follower responds. We’ll focus primarily simply on how to do specific steps, with ease and confidence, and how they match the music.” – Peter Jones

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The Uta Hagen Institute

Student Resources

Community News

In Memoriam: Mark Blum

HB Studio notes with deepest sadness the passing of our friend and colleague, Mark Blum, the Director of HB’s Hagen Core Training, and a member of HB’s Artistic Council. As an actor, director, teacher, mentor, and leader, Mark set a standard that cannot be surpassed—for artistry, compassion, intelligence, decency and wit. A cherished and respected member of the HB family, we feel the loss of him keenly. We send our deepest sympathies to his wife Janet Zarish, to his family, colleagues, friends, and students.


“It terrifies me, because I want to do it well, to do the play justice, because it is so important, beautifully written, and has so many significant things to say to our modern audience.”

HOLD THESE TRUTHS is the telling of the true story of Gordon Hirabayashi. Gordon was born and raised in the U.S. to Japanese immigrants, and in WWII during the internment of anyone who was found to have 1/16th Japanese blood, he refused the camp and was arrested. Encouraged by what he understood to be protection under the U.S. Constitution as an American citizen, Gordon launched the notorious court case which bears his name, Hirabayashi v. United States.

“As an adult, I look back on how I grew up with parents who barely spoke the language, who did everything they could to raise children in a way they felt would be the most productive for society. I’m not going to pretend I went through the same struggles. But, I feel a kinship with Gordon and an understanding of living in a world as an ethnic minority, as a kind of in-between nationality, and what that means to myself and for my role in society. As a storyteller and theater practitioner, that’s what I have to bring. I’m fortunate enough to have these connections with the character which make it all the more relevant to me personally. It’s something I have to offer to the theater community in telling the story.”

“A student in one of my classes at NYU asked why, over the last few years, there has been a push in the theater community to do plays about identification as Americans. It’s the same reason that I’m doing this play. I think the theater community around the country feels a responsibility to address and examine what we see happening culturally and politically. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of that national theatrical voice that is saying ‘we need to promote and celebrate the many diverse American voices in this country.’ It is essential that we do that.”


Steven has been a theater professional for over two decades, continuing to work extensively in New York City as an actor, director, instructor, and voice/speech/text specialist in consulting. Steven was born and raised in Houston, Texas to immigrant Chinese parents. Working professionally as an actor during college, he got his Equity Card and moved to New York City, where he worked until he landed an acting job in Germany, which led him to spend four years working in Europe including Austria, and eventually, London, before returning to New York. He always wanted to teach, and he recognized the value of his professional acting work to inform and further develop what he could provide to his students.

Steven is co-founder of National Asian Artists Project, a nonprofit serving theater artists of Asian descent through performance, education and outreach. Additionally, he has served in national positions, including as a grants panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts, and as a guest speaker at the Yale School of Drama and Montclair State University. Learn more.

began teaching at hb Studio

  • 2017


  • George Washington University, MFA, Classical Acting
  • Southern Methodist University, BFA, Theatre Studies, Minor: Music (Vocal Performance)
  • Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®


  • 2018 Lucille Lortel Award nominee for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical, PACIFIC OVERTURES
  • Honoree at Prospect Theater Company’s 20th Anniversary Gala for his contributions to the growth of the Off-Broadway nonprofit company as an actor, director and producing partner

currently teaches

  • Speech 1

recent news

  • Starring in a solo performance in HOLD THESE TRUTHS, March 18-April 19, 2020, on People’s Light Steinbright Stage in Malvern, PA

notable credits

Steven has played leading roles in classic plays and musicals, from Shakespeare to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Career highlights have included productions of HENRY IV PART I and PART II, RICHARD II, AS YOU LIKE IT, KING JOHN, PACIFIC OVERTURES, MISS SAIGON, PAINT YOUR WAGON, HONOR, and numerous developing works. His work onstage has included New York City and all across the United States in some of the country’s most respected theaters including Classic Stage Company, New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Red Bull Theatre, 5th Avenue Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse, Paper Mill Playhouse, Alliance Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse, TUTS, ShakespeareNYC, Prospect Theater Company, PanAsian Rep, Dallas Theater Center, and more, as well as London’s West End, Germany, Austria, and Cambodia. He has directed productions in New York and Ohio.

Information listed under Community News may be out-of-date as theater and public gatherings have closed due to city mandates. We want to acknowledge the outstanding work from our Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Please continue to keep us updated with your activity and news.

Faculty News


Steven Eng portrays Gordon Hirabayashi and 37 other characters in HOLD THESE TRUTHS at People’s Light in Malvern, PA, March 18-April 19, 2020.

Tina Benko is nominated for Best Guest Actress (Drama) for her performance in THE REHEARSAL by the 11th Annual Indie Series Awards.

Jackson Moran appears in THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA on HBO this year.

Jessica Hecht stars in the third season of the anthology crime thriller series THE SINNER, on USA Network Thursdays 9/8c

Frank Wood stars in the world-premiere of THE PERPLEXED at Manhattan Theatre Club, which opened February 11, 2020. He is also set to star in the world premiere of THE BEST WE COULD as part of Manhattan Theatre Club’s spring lineup.

Austin Pendleton stars in Tracy Letts’ THE MINUTES on Broadway. Performances are at the Cort Theatre, running a limited engagement through Sunday, June 14, 2020.

David Deblinger appears in an episode of THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL as well as the role of Sol Fidler in episodes 3 and 7 of GODFATHER OF HARLEM, starring Forest Whitaker on Epix.

Laura Esterman will appear in a new 6-part HBO series, I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE, with Mark Ruffalo. The show premieres April 27.

Russell G. Jones stars as Looper on CBS’s cop drama show TOMMY, opposite Edie Falco, from Paul Attanasio, airing Thursdays 10/9c on CBS. He also stars in VIRAL MONOLOGUES, a collection of videotaped soliloquies that contemplate the way we live now, in isolation.

Alumni & Student News

Amanda Enzo directed and stars in the short film LA SUA CENA, streaming now.

Ginger Grace performs as Emily Dickinson in THE BELLE OF AMHERST at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, Wisconsin, April 1, 2020. 

Nicholas Thomas performs in Sara Fellini’s new dark comedy THE WAKE OF DORCUS KELLY at The New Ohio Theater, March 25-April 11, 2020.

Andrew R. Heinze‘s one-act play THE FQ, developed in Julie McKee’s playwriting class, is performed by the B.F.A Student Directing Program at Kean University, February 15-April 30, 2020. A monologue from his full-length play GREAT ROLES FOR OLD ACTRESSES has been published in The Best Women’s Monologues from New Plays, 2019 (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books). A different monologue from the same play appears in Best Women’s Monologues of 2019 (Smith & Kraus); both available on Amazon.

John Higgins plays the character Ambrose Bierce in a feature film (UNTITLED) that is set for production this summer.

Robert James Hickey is featured in Episode #6 of Season 2 of the Netflix show THE POLITICIAN, streaming now. 

Nobue Takizawa is a featured actor in Gary Go’s official music video LOVE LOST FREEDOM FOUND.

Maral Tatar produced, translated and is acting in her first professional production, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP? by Dan O’Brien and directed by her brother Burak Tatar, in Istanbul, January 21-April 29, 2020.

Lorna Courtney stars as Shark Girl in WEST SIDE STORY at Broadway Theatre, now through September 6, 2020.

Justin Linville stars in the independent film THE FRAT HAZE, currently in filming.


Asian People Are Being Targeted By Racist Attacks.
Here’s How You Can Be An Ally.

“The coronavirus pandemic had undeniably ramped up racist memes, tropes and disinformation online. Anyone who sees these hateful or false messages should report them to the social media platform and ask others to as well, but joining the dialogue can also be helpful. We know that bystanders have a really powerful effect on racist outbursts.”

Read the full article here.