Ballroom, Rhythm & Latin: Partner Dance for Actors

Presented by Peter Jones

In this workshop, learn the fundamental elements of the most common and useful Ballroom, Rhythm and Latin dances. When the casting call specifies, you need to know. Pick up the basic steps here, and gain a working knowledge of different ballroom and partner dances: Waltz and Foxtrot, Latin dances, the fundamentals of Swing, and the first lesson of what can easily be a lifetime study of Tango.

Tailored to actors and the rigor demanded by an actor’s need to learn quickly, learn how to communicate clearly to a partner: how to “Lead” and “Follow,” the foundation of partner dancing. Shows often require a working knowledge of the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing and Latin dances, and if you don’t know them… you won’t be cast.

This knowledge is both a useful performance and social “Life” skill. Though geared towards performers, this workshop is suitable for those at any level of experience and is open to actors and non-actors alike.

Preferably wear shoes with smooth/leather (non-rubber) soles or character shoes.

Peter Jones has performed thousands of times in NYC, regionally, in London and Dublin and done dozens of National and regional tours. Faculty of the Michael Chekhov Studio, Broadway Theater Institute, and The Theater Workshop, faculty and Board of Director of the Manhattan Dance/Theater and Musical Mondays Theater Workshop. He has taught at Manhattan Dance, Fred Astaire and Pierre Dulaine’s dance studio, and has written, performed and directed off-Broadway NYC and regional shows, along with his own Shakespearean adaptations. Founder: BallroomNYC…read more

Recommended for pairing with Movement for Actors with Michelle “Mitch” Uranowitz. Purchase both together for $15 off.

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