Buchheister- Voice Over: Audiobooks

Presented by: Theresa Buchheister

Voice Over director Theresa Buchheister has directed and sound-engineered 100s of audiobooks, including How Music Works with Andrew Garman, The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Noah Galvin, Leaving the Sea with Brian Hutchison, Lydia Davis Collected Stories with a variety of actors, Wild Boys with Luis Moreno, and many, many more.  She has narrated (under her name and a pseudonym) over 50 books, including erotica, young adult and educational texts.

Over the course of this intensive four-day/two-weekend workshop, Theresa will introduce you to the basic skills and valuable practices of audiobook voiceover performance. On the first day, we will start at the very beginning: genre differences, preparation questions, common terms, valuable warm-ups and tricks, differentiation from other areas of voice acting, what your voice is best suited to, focus and clarity, and more.  The next day, we will put these into practice: subtle shifts in vocal characterization, flow and breath, dialogue pacing, tonal qualities within genres.  At the end of day two, Theresa will send you with homework – selecting books that are a good fit for your voice.  The second weekend will be treated as an expanded audition.  We will start and stop, make adjustments, and get a clean take of your pieces.

Recommended for pairing with Voice Over: Cartoons & VideogamesPurchase both together for $15 off! Call (212)-675-2370 x1 to enroll in both.
You will have the option of bringing home your audio files for a $15 fee, which includes a flash drive. Files are for educational reference only, they are not a professional reel. Purchase online here.