Buchheister- Voice Over: Cartoons & Videogames

Presented by: Theresa Buchheister

Voice Over director Theresa Buchheister has directed and sound-engineered many cartoons and videogames, including Cartoon Network’s Pokémon XYZ, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, Nickelodeon’s The Winx Club and Netflix’s World of Winx, Robocar Poli, Mily: Miss Questions and others that she cannot discuss because of NDAs! As a performer, she has voiced cartoon characters on Pokémon, The Winx Club, Mily, and more.

Over the course of this intensive four-day/two-weekend workshop, Theresa will introduce you to the basic skills and valuable practices of cartoon and videogame voiceover performance. On the first day, you will dip into the basics: common terms, valuable warm-ups and tricks, audition and performance techniques, differentiation from other areas of voice acting, what your voice brings to the table, and more. The next day, we will put these into practice: character development, performing copy, examining your versatility. At the end of day two, Theresa will send you with material to practice and vocal homework.

The second weekend will be treated as an expanded audition. You will present your copy, receive quick and specific direction, followed by notes and critique.

Recommended for pairing with Voice Over: Audiobooks. Purchase both together for $15 off! Call (212)-675-2370 x1 to enroll in both!

You will have the option of bringing home your audio files for a $15 fee, which includes a flash drive. Files are for educational reference only, they are not a professional reel. Purchase online here.