Motion Theater: Improvisational Theater from the Stories of Your Life

Presented by: Nina Wise

An original form of autobiographical improvisation, Motion Theater® is simultaneously performance art and a refreshingly uplifting practice in developing presence. Created by award-winning Bay Area performer Nina Wise, Motion is a playful, mindful form of self-expression which transforms your craft as an artist.

In a Motion Theater class, you’ll learn to tell your stories on your feet, utilizing language, sound and movement as your tools of expression.

In each workshop you’ll:

• Warm up and free up your body and voice
• Move in response to your inner impulses
• Play theater games that open you up and generate creativity and well-being
• Hone your writing and storytelling skills
• Embody your personal narrative
• Leave with skills that will impact your acting, auditions, writing, and general well being

Motion Theater practices are designed to raise your spirits, inspire personal insight, enhance self-confidence and develop presence and craft as a leader or performer.

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.