Audition Technique: Contemporary Monologues

Presented by Paul Pryce

This audition workshop is for the adventurous actor craving an inventive and creatively rich and imaginative approach to uncovering a monologue. Whether tried and true pieces or new work, at the end of these 3 weeks you will be armed with practical tools to help you live spontaneously in the moment every time you perform.

Through a series of imaginative acting exercises, guided daydreaming, improvisations, psychophysical actions, and text analysis our goal is to ‘break open’ the monologue and find the guts in the piece that viscerally grab you, compelling you to speak the words rather than dutifully executing the writer’s story.  We must do the ‘homework’ fully then throw it all away for our impulses to take hold of us, and hopefully, surprise us.

Participants must bring 2 monologues that they are excited by. One can be a previously performed piece, already memorized which we will re-examine in class, so be prepared and open to doing it differently. Also, bring a new piece that is not memorized. Please read the plays from which they both come from and be familiar with the given circumstances of the play. Please bring a hard copy of each monologue for the instructor.