Uta Hagen’s Acting Process

Presented by: Carol Rosenfeld and Francesca Ferrara – 

An advanced, two-part workshop on Uta Hagen’s liberating process for actors, created by Carol Rosenfeld — founding Director of the Uta Hagen Institute at HB Studio, who trained with Hagen herself.

“The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, makes each day infinitely precious”
“We must learn how to use our discoveries so that we can reveal all the fascinating human beings in dramatic literature within our reach.”
— Uta Hagen

“The principles, humanity and respect found in Hagen’s teachings are needed today more than ever…. It is a great honor for me to offer this workshop as part of the Uta Hagen Centennial celebrations! – Hagen’s work empowers the actor in the best sense of the word – it is inclusive, practical, necessary, immediately relevant, today and ongoing.”
— Carol Rosenfeld

Uta Hagen’s approach to acting works. She challenges the actor to continually develop skill. She offers avenues of creativity that, with an open imagination and expanding sense of self, are unlimited. Her ongoing process of self-observation and self-discovery fortifies your ability to respond truthfully, dynamically, and vividly with fellow actors, releasing unpremeditated truthful behavior in performance. Over time, you find yourself creatively alive and present in process.

The Hagen approach, as found in her world-famous books, Respect for Acting and A Challenge for the Actor, returns you to an adventurous path of ongoing questioning. In Hagen’s practice, you live in continuous discovery, finding that everything in life is specific, detailed, and messy; that you never know what will happen next; that you are dependent on on others; and that being invested in others liberates you. These discoveries are as practical in our acting as they are profound in our lives.

Carol Rosenfeld developed this workshop using her personal experience of Hagen’s teachings to guide you to find yourself in any role and deepen your ongoing exploration of the play. Using Hagen’s exercises and the detailed processes found in Rosenfeld’s own workbook, Acting and Living in Discovery, you will find your own authentic identification with the character, and live fully through the circumstances of any play — not as a character, but as a living, breathing human being.

Scenes from one or two plays will be assigned at the first meeting of the class. Other assignments will be made upon registration.

PART A (5 Weeks) – Lead by Francesca Ferrara
Mentored by Carol Rosenfeld

These five weeks are focused on beginning the research. You lay the extensive groundwork for finding your personal connections to specific circumstances in the play. You put the scene on its feet. 

PART B (5 Weeks) – Lead by Carol Rosenfeld

In these five weeks you focus on Character: Who Am I? (Me, the actor) / Who Am “I?” (“Me,” the character). You test and explore choices that let you live through the circumstances of the scene.

Required Reading:
ACTING AND LIVING IN DISCOVERY by Carol Rosenfeld (hard copy not e-book)
Available for purchase online via our registration system or in-person at the registration office.

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