Scene Study: Script Analysis

Presented by Jessica Hecht

To be held online via Zoom: 

Jessica Hecht leads this special online 3-session scene study and script analysis workshop for professional performers who desire to return to, or maintain an ongoing relationship with a dynamic and fertile state of learning. The goal: to use the specifics of language, action, subtext, circumstance, and relationships in order to connect with the work at the deepest most personal level. You are encouraged to push boundaries with the aim of building ever more complex characters and situations, allowing and exploring what is powerfully, unexpectedly revealed.

This 3-week workshop will focus on the works of a specific playwright, TBA. While this is not a performance oriented class, (rather a process oriented one), you will be asked to choose a piece of text from each play to work on during the second half of each meeting.

Online Teaching Statement from Jessica Hecht: “My deepest interest in teaching acting is to figure out how the language works before we start ‘acting.’ So, teaching in an online format is a bit of a dream come true. Our focus will be on script analysis, all text based. Rather than gearing this class toward putting up a scene, we will work from the perspective of having rehearsal the next day for a workshop or reading.”

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