Sharp: Show Me the Money: Financial Empowerment for Artists

Dancer/choreographer/finance whiz David Maurice Sharp continues his series of free financial seminars for performing artists. Join us for either or both of his first two sessions this Fall:

Putting it Together: Understanding How Your Finances Can Work For You

Saturday, October 14
Financial well-being can often seem out of reach for artists. Understanding the components of a well-rounded financial portfolio and how it can help bring a level of security and stability into an often turbulent life style can help put your mind at ease. This workshop will explore putting a plan in place to even out cash flow, building and emergency ‘cash stash’ and the elements that make up a well-rounded portfolio.

Making It Work: Techniques for Strengthening Your Financial Well-Being

Saturday, October 21
Incorporating financial wellness into your life throughout your career will keep you on the right path. In this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to keep your investments growing, piecing together assets for your retirement years, and the role that different types of insurance can play. The financial picture that everyone needs to build for themselves is unique – understanding investing techniques that you can adapt to your own circumstances will help you build your personal financial picture.

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