Acting Classes

Acting Classes at HB Studio in NYC –

HB Studio’s approach to acting is practical and physical. We mean for you to realize all the means at your disposal to discover yourself in the character’s particulars and to come alive, in action, on camera or on stage.

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We also offer the following short-term acting workshops:

Mark BlumVoice Over 1 (Nov 16- Nov 24)
Paul PryceAudition Technique: Contemporary Monologues (Dec 2- Dec 19)
David Deblinger- Creating Solo Performance (Dec 2- Dec 18)
Rasa Allan Kazlas- Improvisation (Dec 4- Dec 18)
Theresa Buchheister- Voice Over Auditioning (Dec 6)
Austin Pendleton- Henrik Ibsen Scene Study (Part A) (Jan 6- Feb 3)
Vincent Pastore- Acting Intensive with Vincent Pastore (Jan 7- Jan 28)
Francesca Ferrara, Carol Rosenfeld- Uta Hagen’s Acting Process (Part A) (Jan 8- Feb 5)
Theresa Buccheister- Voice Over: Cartoons & Video Games (Jan 8- Feb 5)
Snezhana Chernova- Acting in Russian: Method of Etudes (Part A) (Jan 11- Feb 8)
Austin Pendleton- Henrik Ibsen Scene Study (Part B) (Feb 10- Mar 9)
Carol Rosenfeld- Uta Hagen’s Acting Process (Part B) (Feb 12- Mar 11)
Theresa Buccheister- Voice Over: Audio Books (Feb 12- Mar 11)
Snezhana Chernova- Acting in Russian: Method of Etudes (Part B) (Feb 15- Mar 14)
David M. Sharp- Financial Empowerment for Artists: Buying Individual Stocks (Feb 29)

About HB Studio Acting Classes:

Studio Practice: If you are a professional actor working at an advanced level of artistic training, having mastered the skills we emphasize in our studio curriculum, Studio Practice is a place to work out, renew, stretch, explore, and maintain an ongoing diagnostic relationship with your work.

Level 3: Advanced practice with complex scenes and exercises to help you compete and thrive as a professional actor. You expand your repertoire, strengthen your technique, and develop reliable tools for solving challenges outside your comfort zone.

Level 2: Breaking down the scene, building a truthful, repeatable life on stage. You continue to develop skills introduced in Level 1, moving into scene work and text, and using Uta Hagen’s powerful suite of exercises to find the character’s circumstances and give them organic life.

Level 1: Whether you are starting out or wish to return to the foundations of a strong technique, the focus at this level is on presence and awareness: developing a deeper, more dynamic sensory relationship to your body, exploring your creative resources, and expanding your sense of self in relation to an array of possible circumstances. *No audition, placement or prerequisite required.