Acting 1

The Fundamentals of an HB technique:  Here, you develop the ability to respond truthfully, dynamically, and vividly with fellow actors and the ability to access sensory elements. You tap into the power of imagination and the reservoir of memory. You gain a working understanding of the terms: previous circumstances, destination, inner and outer objects, intentions, obstacles, and conflicts. You develop an awareness of the power, function and dynamics of “place”, and learn to be in a state of discovery, which leads to actions. You develop tools of research and observation and you get comfortable improvising. You begin to  measure yourself against professional standards and develop habits of discipline and a strong work ethic. Do understand  that these practices take time to master. It takes about a year (20-30 weeks)  at this level  to really own  the skills addressed. Further scene study or performance work will then take root in this fertile ground.

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