Acting 2-3 with Partnered Exercises

For intermediate to advanced actors who wish to continue developing their tools and process for crafting a role, whether working on stage or on camera, this class is a practice space that uses an optimum blend of Meisner and Hagen exercise work.

Find and experience the full range of your voice, your “who am I” voice, with all its untapped possibilities.

Using Larry Silverberg’s Workbook, you are introduced to Sanford Meisner’s Repetition exercises. Working in pairs, receiving and responding from your truthful point of view, in the moment-to-moment exchange of the repetition, you learn to be fully available to your partner. This is essential in the process of building your score and testing actions when working on a part. How I go about fulfilling my objective rests with my partner. Do they bring me closer or further away from what I need? How does what I receive put me in verbal action and keep me responding on impulse instead of “thinking” or planning? How does it get me to the next thing I need to do verbally or physically or both?

Continuing with the technique, you craft exercises using your imagination and an “element of truth” — a relationship with someone extremely meaningful to you, and for whom you are doing a physically difficult activity that serves as your objective. These are partnered improvisations.

More advanced students will combine this work with Uta Hagen’s Destination exercise and other object exercises from her sequence.

Students are encouraged to audit before enrolling in the class.

Required Reading: The Sanford Meisner Approach: Workbook 1, An Actor’s Workbook by Larry Silverberg
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Expected rehearsal time outside of class: 3-6 hours / week

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