Acting with the Camera 1

This Level 1 acting class provides an introduction to the technique of living truthfully in front of the camera. You explore the fundamental elements of a grounded acting technique as they relate to the level of intimacy the camera demands. As you practice in front of the camera, you learn to stay open and work freely without hiding or acting for the lens. You develop the ability to listen and connect truthfully with a partner, letting that interaction guide your impulses. You discover the relevance of Uta Hagen’s exercises for on camera work – building the 4th wall, creating place, connecting with sensory aspects of the environment – and begin to understand the level of preparation, specificity, and simplicity the camera demands.

Take Home Your Footage: You have the option of paying a $25 Download Fee if you wish to have your footage from class. The Download Fee must be paid for within the first four weeks of class. This will be uncut, unedited footage. It will not be a professional reel of your work and is for educational purposes only.
Available for purchase online or in-person at the registration office.

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