Acting with the Camera 2-3

Presented by: Victor Cruz

This class empowers experienced stage actors to make the transition into on-camera performance. Fully take control of the audition room during TV, Film, & Commercial auditions and live naturally and fearlessly in front of the camera while shooting your next project. Learn how to confidently put yourself on tape and leave powerful impressions amongst casting directors. Topics include: On Camera Auditioning Technique for TV, Film, and Commercials, working in front of the camera on a film shoot, and Self-Tape Auditions.

Recommended: You have the option of paying a $25 Download Fee if you wish to have any of your footage from class. The Download Fee must be paid for within the first four weeks of class. This will be uncut, unedited footage. It will not be a professional reel of your work and is for educational purposes only. After the 4th week of class, the fee increases to $50.
Available for purchase online via our registration system or in-person at the registration office.

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