Scene Study 2-3 with Hagen Exercises

For intermediate and advanced actors, this scene study class uses Uta Hagen’s acting exercises to introduce tools, reinforce technique and lay a foundation for the actor’s process. Rehearsed scenes and exercises are presented in class for critique, then reworked to explore and apply feedback. Hagen’s exercises are assigned diagnostically to address challenges as they arise.

At the intermediate level, you explore the practical application of technique to the preparation, rehearsal, and presentation of scenes from contemporary realist plays (mid-20th century to present). Advanced actors will apply more complex lessons in technique and text analysis to scenes from a range of contemporary and classic plays. This work may incorporate Modern (19th/early 20th century) and Classical texts, as well as heightened, non-linear, and experimental material. Extensive research, preparation, and rehearsal are expected outside of class.

Skills: understanding and realizing the event of the scene; layering conscious and unconscious behavior; applying technique as a tool to solve challenges outside your comfort zone; transformation of self. Through extensive examination, research, and experiment, you discover and rediscover the level of action and commitment needed to fulfill the form and idea of the play.

Expected rehearsal time outside of class: 3-6+ hours / week

Snezhana Chernova | Marion McCorry

Required reading: A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR by Uta Hagen.
Recommended viewingUTA HAGEN’S ACTING CLASS documentary.
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