Audit a Class

HB Studio offers the opportunity for new and existing students to audit any of our full-term (10-week) classes, in order to observe the instructor’s teaching style and the culture of the class before making the commitment to register. Click here to view a calendar of our class schedule. Unless otherwise noted, audits are not allowed for Workshops.

  • Audit fee is $20.00 per audit, accepted in cash and credit only, to be paid in-person on the day of the audit. We do not accept check payments for audits.
  • You may audit one session per instructor. Multiple audits of the same class are not allowed.
  • To audit, arrive 20-30 minutes before the class, to the 3rd floor (Registration Office) at 120 Bank Street to make payment.
  • You may call or email ahead to ensure the class will meet as planned and is eligible for auditing: (212)-675-2370 ext 1.
  • We do not accept reservations for audits, nor are you permitted to pay for audits before the day of the class you are auditing.