The Art of Transformation

A rigorous and layered exploration of advanced “Movement for the Actor.” Cross-training in a variety of psychophysical methods help you build a strong and present acting instrument, vivid imagination, vulnerability, and physical character including conditions and altered states. You will enrich your approach to “character transformation” and develop a process-oriented “toolkit” through cross-training in advanced and foundational exercises of Williamson, Viewpoints, Laban, Rasaboxes and Michael Chekhov Techniques.

The spirit of this approach integrates these combined practices into rigorous actor training to develop performance stamina, presence, ensemble empathy, emotional availability and skills for physical transformation. You develop a visceral connection to sensation and emotion with both vocal and physical integration. We will also explore creating character, conditions (cold, hot, sleepy, etc., as outlined in Hagen’s exercises) and how to embody “altered states” such as drunk or drugged. We apply archetypal essences, qualities, dynamic psychological gestures, and atmospheres, for activating the character, scene partner and the space. We explore a variety of ensemble-building, storytelling and devising methods for finding gesture, action and story, leading to physical character, actor-ensemble driven compositions and devised improvisations with the text from Anton Chekhov’s major plays.

Attire : All black Yoga pants and top

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