The Art of Transformation

The Art of Transformation

An advanced two-part movement for actors course. You are invited to sign up for either five-week part or for the full ten weeks: $180 each or both for $345. To do so, please give our registration office a call at (212)-675-2370 x1.

Part A: Michael Chekhov Technique & Viewpoints
An in-depth practice and exploration of the guiding principals and affinities between two movement methods: Viewpoints and Michael Chekhov Techniques. The Chekhov approach brings the psychology of the character into the body through movement and gesture, creating an enriched and active inner life, making the creation of a character an imaginative, organic and playful process. The Chekhov work affords you access to untapped inner resources, enlarging the actor’s creativity. Imaging exercises, creative visualization, and incorporation are explored towards the goal of developing an honest and complete physical character. The class will cover the basic concepts which form the foundation of Michael Chekhov’s approach, awakening the connection between the actor’s inner life and expressive body, and how to develop character.

We will explore both exercises and guiding principles outlined in Michael Chekhov’s book To the Actor, combined with the physical practice and theory of the Six Viewpoints as developed by Mary Overlie. Through a rigorous exploration of the Six Materials of: Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, and Story, you will explore the cross practice and affinities of these two practices designed to develop an expressive, present and awake instrument. You will build your connection to your Creative Imagination, Character, Sensation, Emotion, Space, Gesture, and Movement with their applications to Text, Devising and Story-Telling, through open and framed sessions of Ensemble collaboration.

Part B: Psychophysical-Emotion Methods – 8 Rasa Emotions, Chekhov Qualities of Emotion & Williamson Sensory Imagination
Through rigorous practice and exploration designed to enrich the actor’s approach to the embodiment of emotion, we develop a process-oriented “Tool Kit” in a variety of psychophysical training methods. We introduce a variety of methods through the cross study of Williamson Technique and psychophysical-emotion methods. Methods include the 8 Rasa emotions and Sensory explorations to activate your body’s connection to the Sensory imagination. We explore how the body processes experience through the five senses into truthful behavior, while exploring circumstances and relationships of the imaginary world, to develop a responsive, emotionally available and vocally alive instrument. We also explore how this informs the creation of a character, with physical conditions such as cold, hot, sleepy, referenced in both Hagen’s and Williamson exercises for “Altered States,” and conditions or impediments such as drunk or drugged. We apply archetypal essences, qualities and atmospheres for activating the body in space, with a variety of ensemble building, story telling and devising methods for finding gesture, action and story leading to devised, emotionally charged and atmospheric movement improvisations.

$180.00 for 5 weeks or $345.00 for 10 weeks. To purchase both parts A & B, call the registration office at (212) 675-2370 x1

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