The Art of Transformation

The Art of Transformation: Williamson Technique

An advanced two-part movement for actors course. You are invited to sign up for either five-week part or for the full ten weeks: $180 each or both for $345.

The Williamson Technique focuses on how the human body operates within the physical aspects of communication. Inspired by HB Studio legend modern dancer/choreographer Anna Sokolow and developed by Lloyd Williamson, this technique is unlike any other physical training for the actor due to its focus on the body as a processing tool.

Williamson Technique utilizes sensory connection to create experiences that your body processes into behavior—both sound and motion—leading to a fully expressed instrument that is radiant, viscerally alive and true. This is especially helpful in the creation of the inner life, and aids in opening you to your own impulses and freeing you for truthful and vivid behavior. You will be guided through individual, ensemble and partnered exercises that include alignment for the ideal production of breath, emotion, and voice, using poetic language, poetry, and Shakespearean text.

The following physical elements of the actor are explored in the class:

1. Availability: The physical and emotional components of the body.

2. Imagination: The ability to physically inhabit your own unique creative inspiration.

3. Expressiveness: The permission to behave in a free and instinctive way.

4. Awareness: of your own habits, body, and self.

5. Physical Skills: breath, alignment, ease of motion

The Three Essentials of the Williamson Technique:

• CONTACT (Vulnerability for Connection): Allowing the body to become vulnerable to experiences that come from specific people, places and things within the world of the play.

• EXPERIENCE (Sensuality for Experience): Developing the five senses to become completely connected to the specifics of the world of the play.

• BEHAVIOR (Strength and Clarity for Behavior): Mastering a physical technique for alignment, flexibility, and strength that produces behavior, both motion, and sound, that is clear, direct and true.

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