The Art of Transformation

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WINTER 2019:

Chekhov on Chekhov – Anton & his Nephew Michael
Application of Michael Chekhov Technique to THE THREE SISTERS

An advanced two-part movement for actors course. You are invited to sign up for either five-week part or for the full ten weeks: $180 each or both for $345. 

This class explores Michael Chekhov’s “psycho-physical” approach to acting, through core principles and exercises outlined in his book, TO THE ACTOR, including ensemble-based psychophysical exercises, character exploration and ensemble improvisation. Each class begins with a warm-up specifically designed to develop the organic connection between your inner life, creative imagination and expressive body. Through the rigorous practice of Chekhov’s core principles and exercises you explore: Radiating and Receiving, Archetypes, Imaginary Centers, Imaginary Body, Character Centers, Character Atmospheres, Character Portrait, Qualities of Movement, Expansion & Contraction, Imaginary Palace, and Character Archetypal Gestures. We explore scoring the Overall and Scenic Atmospheres of the play, History of world and of the era, Period Style, Character Status, Atmospheres and Archetypes leading to the Character’s Psychological Gestures.

Using the text of Anton Chekhov’s THE THREE SISTERS and his other major works, we explore how to score and apply Michael Chekhov’s tools to text and ensemble rehearsal.

Michael Chekhov technique consists of a wide variety of effective acting tools, which can inspire endless exploration and possibilities for ensemble building and enlarging the actor’s physical ease, creative imagination, transformation and artistic expression. The actor can then bring this sensibility to the creation of a character, exploration of the text, the acting ensemble in rehearsal, and inspired performance.