The Art of Transformation

A two-part course designed to teach you how to transform and embody a character Archetype, Icon or Historic Figure, through advanced Williamson & Michael Chekhov Techniques. You are invited to sign up for either part or for the full ten weeks: $180 each or both for $345

Part A: Michael Chekhov Source Materials through Objects and Williamson’s Animal Exercises

The process begins with the study of Williamson Animal exercises to explore the physical life of a character through an Animal body. This enables you to act and react in new ways and to enrich and expand your physical and emotional range. This includes the discovery and incorporation of a wider range of physical qualities and new ways of moving that embody the physical nature, vocal range and emotional qualities that are sourced and applied to creating a Character.

Embodying physical qualities of movement, gesture, tempo, and rhythm, and expanding the emotional and vocal range of the character within the given circumstances, we discover and physically live in the body and voice of the character.

Part B: Chekhov Archetypes – Deeper Research in Animals and Portraits, Historic figures, and Icons.

We explore Michael Chekhov’s Imagery Body tools and structured character transformation process — including movement explorations, observations, physical transformation exercises, and the incorporation of source materials — to physically create the imaginary body of the character.

We discover how to allow the body to transform by incorporating source materials, finding the qualities of sound and movement that are inspired by incorporating objects, elements, animals, colors, temperatures, textures, tastes, and other physical qualities found in the source research. Your body language, voice-tones, rhythms, quality of movement and tempo are a direct reflection of the character, realized physically through the organic integration of behavioral qualities by which the actor transforms to create a character’s core nature and physical qualities of external behavior and inner essence.

Attire: All black yoga pants and top.

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