The Art of Transformation

FALL 2019:

What is the “Dusa Blush?” A Psychophysical Response to Imaginary Circumstances
The physical exploration and study of the science of Emotion in Drama

An advanced two-part movement for actors course. You are invited to sign up for either five-week part or for the full ten weeks: $180 each or both for $345. 

Psychophysical Methods in the exploration of the dramatic, the imagination, movement, breath, Archetypal Emotion and Gesture. Cross Pedagogy: Michael Chekhov and Rasa Boxes.

From Roman Gestures to Delsarte and Indian Drama to Chekhov, we explore qualities of emotion and Sensations in creating a character’s Physiological Gestures.

Topics explored include Michael Chekhov Atmospheres and Gestures, Moving from the Sensation of Emotion, Imaging the Five Senses to discover the Quality of Movement, the 8 Circles of Emotion, inner and outer images, 8 Rasa Emotions in Indian Drama, Rasa Grid and Rasa Circles of Emotion, the emotional mask, posture and breathing and cross-cultural Masks of Paul Eckman, Six Primal and animal Emotions, Archetypal Mask and Posture in Indian Drama, Alba Mask Posture and Breathing Methods, Archetypal statues and Atmospheres of emotion.

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