Stage Combat

All classes at HB Studio will be held online via Zoom Conferencing until we are able to resume classes at the Studio.

Online teaching statement from instructor Christian Kelly-Sordelet:
“Adapting this Stage Combat class into an online format, I will be assigning moves for us to do at home alone, and we will be working on our knife fighting technique for starters. We will be reviewing and breaking down fights from movies. We will learn about camera angles, and how to shoot your own fight scenes, even just by yourself with your phone. We will discuss gun safety, protocol and handling. We will learn how blood effects are achieved on stage. This time will certainly keep you busy and moving!”

This class applies the definition of acting as “behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances” to the stage combat world. You must have the skills to tell the physical story with as much accuracy and commitment as you bring to the spoken word. You must be able to meld truthful emotional life with a performance that remains collaborative, repeatable and safe.

You will learn advanced hand to hand and grappling techniques, and should time allow, knife and sword work for the stage.

With the instructor’s’ guidance you will learn the process of crafting your own staged fights.

$180.00 for 5 weeks or $345.00 for 10 weeks. 

STAGE COMBAT INSTRUCTOR: Christian Kelly-Sordelet