Voice Training & Speech Classes for Actors

HB Studio offers both speech and speaking voice lessons, to address all aspects of an actor’s voice training.

Speaking Voice classes cultivate deep physical awareness, exploring and developing the body’s relationship to healthy vocal production, vocal freedom, and integrated, unrestricted emotional connection. HB Studio’s Speaking Voice classes employ the destructuring and restructuring processes of Fitzmaurice Voicework® devised by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Speech classes begin with an exploration of the physical actions of speech, building skills in articulation and pronunciation for clarity and ease of expression. As these skills develop, you achieve a flexible base from which to handle a variety of speech patterns and accents.

For non-native English speakers who have completed Speech 1 and 2, we offer specialized classes focused on mastering a “General American” accent and handling the particular challenges of acting in another language.

Available for purchase at HB Studio – Recommended Reading for Speech classes: Speaking with Skill An Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork by Dudley Knight

Don’t miss these upcoming acting workshops for Spring 2018!

Theresa McElwee – Embodied Speech
(May 2 – May 30)
These two workshops comprise a 10-week Speech 3 option for our International students.