Speech 3

Continuing with the foundation laid in Speech 1 and Speech 2, you will continue to develop and deepen your working knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as an essential and practical actor’s tool in service to the clarity of communication. Concepts such as deep listening, the skills of intelligibility, and J.C. Wells’ Lexical Sets will be employed and added to your ever-expanding toolkit. In addition to working with a wide array of texts, a focus of the class will center upon the study of and subsequent embodiment of an idiolect, (the speech patterns unique to a particular individual) of your choosing. The goal is to expand and deepen speech skills, acquiring greater specificity of articulatory action. These practices and skills will be useful to both native and non-native American speakers. Speaking with Skill by Dudley Knight, is the required text.

Don’t miss these upcoming acting workshops for Spring 2018!

Liz Eckert & Katya Pronin – Beyond Fluency
(March 21 – April 18)
Theresa McElwee – Embodied Speech
(May 2 – May 30)
These two workshops comprise a 10-week Speech 3 option for our International students.

Current and Upcoming