Speaking Voice 2

This class employs the destructuring and restructuring processes of Fitzmaurice Voicework® devised by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Apply more deeply the practices of Level 1, working from your growing visceral and kinesthetic body awareness. Continue working through your vocal and creative warm up, taking greater ownership of your practice. You are guided to work with greater ease, spontaneity, and intention, and with a deeper sense of truth. You will work with imagery, directed sound and movement to communicate with intention. You will examine how intention relates to release and to the support of your voice, as you bring your vocal work to the effort to communicate and the desire to be heard. Learn what intention includes vocally, in terms of inner life and moment-to-moment work. Discover greater resonance and vibrancy, as you become aware of the space around you and consider the need to be heard in any circumstance, with any piece of text. Deepen your release of the jaw and neck and the body overall. Incorporate the expressive powers of articulation, sound, and resonance. Building upon your Level 1 understanding of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, you are guided to develop your own vocal practice and challenged to keep venturing beyond your comfort zone. During Level 2 you will use a piece of text to add imagery and meaning to your work.

Adona Butler

Required Reading (Please read before the 1st day of class): UNCLE VANYA by Anton Chekov: A new version by Annie Baker

Recommended for class: ZafuYoga MatYoga Block
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