Parker: The On-Camera Audition

Presented by: Corey Parker

Corey Parker has been acting for over 35 years, teaching with casting directors on both coasts. His two-day workshop is pertinent for actors who want to take their auditioning to the next level.

The first day will be devoted to the audition, and the second day will explore the callback. Before the first session, you will be given authentic audition material to prepare.

Day 1: You will be expected to perform off-book, with your assigned material memorized. Topics will include: relationship to the camera, ‘type,’ memorization, breakdowns, script analysis for auditions, and journaling as a means to stay creative in the audition process. Tools will be offered for those who experience anxiety and fear before auditions.

Day 2: All about the callback. You will have received notes on Day 1, and may receive additional material for the callback. Your role may even change, as happens in real world auditions. How do you approach a callback? For some, the callback is more mysterious than the audition—”Now that they are interested in me, do I copy what I did before? Do I try new things? What do they want?”

Corey’s workshop is a place to address any doubts or questions you have. It provides a safe environment and an opportunity to learn for actors of all levels. Whether you are advanced or just beginning, your inner feelings toward the camera and yourself are core issues that influence how you approach auditions. This workshop is a place to ask yourself these questions and find answers that inspire your creative process. Each actor is unique; knowing this, Corey Parker offers his work in a way that is determined by your needs, as he observes and works with each actor.

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