Martha Bernard

“I believe learning can be both challenging and joyful. As a teacher I think it’s important to keep experiencing what it feels like to be a student, so I’ve continued through my life always taking classes as well. My interest, whether teaching Alexander Technique or Singing, is to help students gain the tools to find greater freedom, self-awareness and self-expression. With the Alexander Technique this manifests in an ever heightening sensitivity to the self while gaining a stronger center. We aim to find a fuller, more aware and healthier way of being in our bodies and we look toward being able to freely morph into whatever use patterns are appropriate for the roles we may play. With Singing we acknowledge the deep connection of the voice to the whole self – body, mind, and spirit. Helping students free their voices and find more of their true potential is my greatest joy. All to often students believe they can only do what they already do. Our goal in class is to discover what is really possible – always so much more than we imagine. Students support each other’s journey of discovery creating a sense of safety to try that which is difficult, unsure, unknown. There is a strong emphasis on connecting to and freeing our bodies while singing. A lovely side effect of this is that it also helps to release fear and anxiety, which is so natural when we try anything new and uncertain. Developing the voice to its potential is a process that is ongoing. I equally enjoy working with total beginners and those with a great deal of experience. Every student can find more ease, more nuance, colors, range and breath control – most of all, more joy in self-expression through singing.”

Certifications: Matthews School for The Alexander Technique and The Institute for The Alexander Technique, member of AmSAT, Reflexologist (ARCB certified), and Reiki Master. Singing: NYC recitalist, on French TV in TARATATA and background vocalist on several recordings. Opera Orchestra of New York, Teatro Lirico Spirimentale di Spoleto (Italy), the National Grand Opera, New Jersey State Opera, and the Juilliard Choral Singers. Teaching: Dance Center, NYU School for Continuing Education, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Matthews Alexander Teacher Training Course, Playwrights Horizons Theater School (NYU), The Open Center, and The Vital Energy Source. Ms. Bernard trained in Auditory Integration specializing in pitch problems, based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

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