Howard Better

Howard Better Headshot


Howard Better is an artist working primarily with video, animation, sculpture and collage.  Since 1977, he has worked as a free-lance animator and video editor/producer on many projects, including animated segments for Sesame Street and other CTW television shows (1977-1997). As an artist, he has been producing and exhibiting film, video, sculpture, paintings, photography and collage art since 1977. Much of the video work combines live-action imagery with traditional and 3-D computer animation. He has used both film and video in Art Installations. One ongoing project has been Corner Movies. They are moving images designed to be projected onto the three planes of a corner of a room (two walls and ceiling or floor). He has also set up installations in various outdoor settings, projecting images onto trees, cliffs, and buildings.

Howard’s recent work has been an on-going series of installations at various indoor and outdoor sites in Inwood, NY (upper Manhattan). These are kinetic sculptures of various shapes which are covered with collages. Over the years he has shown his work regularly at MILLENNIUM FILM WORKSHOP, as well as ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, ARTISTS SPACE, and P.S.1 in New York City. In 2001 he took part in a show called AMALGAMATION: AN EXHIBITION OF ASSEMBLAGE AND COLLAGE at The John Slade Ely House in New Haven, CT. He has also had shows in Seattle, Pensacola, and Los Angeles in the U.S., Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. He had corner installations in both the lobbies of Millennium Film Workshop and Anthology Film Archives, and Artspace in New Haven, CT. Howard’s current shows are on-going installations of kinetic collage sculptures in the window of the Indian Road Cafe and in Isham Park in Inwood, NY.