HB Ensemble Production

New York

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: David Rimmer New York - HB Studio

Director: Laura Esterman

Cast: Stephanie Braxton*, Elizabeth Grey*, Michael Epp, Rachel Benbow Murdy*, David B. Sochet*, Georgina Bates, Kathleen Pierce, Judy Rosenblatt*, Tadhg O’Mordha, Daniela Dakie, Nick DeSimone, Catherine Siracusa, Tom Tinelli, AC Davison.

Production Manager: Shiraz Biggie Assistant Director: Adrian Wattenmaker Stage Manager: Sarah Oswald

*Appearing Courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

New York was performed November 16th – 21st, 2006

Synopsis: Depicting the reactions of 15 individuals to the events of that day, the characters all speak to a central psychiatrist.

Bay at Nice

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: David Hare

Director: Amy Wright

Cast: Stephanie Braxton, Michael Epp, Elizabeth Grey, Austin Pendleton

Bay at Nice was performed April 14th – 23rd

Synopsis: This play is set in a room in the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad in 1956. An ageing Valentina, once a young student (and possibly lover) of Henri Matisse is accompanied by her daughter Sophia, a teacher but also an artist, desperate to be free of her marriage and to start a new life, for which she needs her mother’s approval and financial assistance. The result is a battle of wills between the two women, one an ex-bohemian, who left the freedom of Paris to raise her fatherless child in a repressive Russia, and the daughter, now a stifled woman in her thirties eager to taste the freedom her mother once enjoyed. ‘The Bay of Nice’ was first performed at the National Theatre, London, in September 1986.

Lake Hollywood

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: John Guare HB Studio - Lake Hollywood

Director: Amy Wright

Cast: Georgina Bates, John FitzGibbon*, Richard Mawe*, Liam Mitchell*, Danae Torn*, Reed Birney*, Denise Lute*, Barry McBrien, Catherine Siracusa, Rip Torn*, Amy Wright*.

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

Costume Designer: Juliann Kroboth Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Corrie Beth Allen Stage Manager: Jamila Whigham Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Operator: Lizzie Follie Sound Design: Alan Bluestone Construction: Giovanni Villari House Manager: Tom Tinelli Backstage: Jamila Wigham

Lake Hollywood was performed November 2nd – 19th, 2007

Synopsis: According to Agnes, August 15th is Virgin Mary’s day. If someone goes for a swim on Scroon Lake on that day they can be cured from any disease for the rest of the year. Agnes has been following this yearly tradition since she was a child and is thrilled that Andrew, her significant other joins her on this date for a swim in the lake. Florence (Flo) and her husband, Randolph along with his mother, Mrs. Larry also follow along for an afternoon picnic.This play takes place on a summer day in New Hampshire August 15th, 1940 and Hell’s Kitchen, NYC in the late 1980’s where married couple Agnes and Andrew, now a happy family in their late years reveal their hidden stories from over 50 years ago.


An HB Ensemble Production Summerfolk - HB Studio

Playwrights: Maxim Gorky, Translated by John Tillinger and Edward Gilbert

Director: Austin Pendleton

Cast: Andy McCutcheon*, Dara O’Brien, Georgina Bates, James LaChere, Michael Epp, Adam Groves, Kathryn Danielle*, Mindy Luce, Kathleen Peirce, Grace Kiley*, Toshiji Takeshima, Shaun Bennet Wilson, Koichiro Goto, Etienne Navarre, David B. Sochet*, Kenneth Thompson, Nick DeSimone, Louis Zorich*, Barry McBrien, David McElfresh*, Hanna Hayes, Judy Rosenblatt*, Tom Schubert, Danusia Roberts*, Marci Occhino.

*Appearing courtesy of the Actor’s Equity Association

Lighting Design: Brian Nason Stage Management: Shiraz Biggie, Abbey Simon Costume Design: Patricia Adshead, Catherine Siracusa Assistant Director: Karen B. Song Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Duana Pagano Office Manager: Tara Webb Dramaturg: Stephanie Braxton*

Summerfolk was performed September 14th – 30th, 2007

Synopsis: The play dramatises the Russian bourgeois social class and the changes occurring around them in the middle of the first decade of the twentieth century. It is set in a world of “false hopes and unfulfilled promises,” where dachas have been subdivided into summer colonies and the newly rich idle away their time in unhappy romantic alliances. Gorky’s characters are still dreaming of a better life, but they are increasingly aware of impending revolution.

Hedda Gabler

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: Henrik Ibsen Hedda Gabler - HB Studio

Director: Amy Wright

Cast: Candace Bryant, Snezhana Chernova, Chris Chinn, Selma Cifka, Jen Danby, Chris Gilmer, Hanna Hayes, Ross Kramberg, Philip Kushner, Alicia Lobo, Midy Luce, Don Marlette, Arnie Mazer, Andy McCutcheon, Dara O’ Brien, David Shih, Catherine Siracusa, David Smilow, Robert Spence, Toshiji Takeshima, Maruis Zilberstein

Director: Amy Wright Lighting: Corrie Beth Shotwell Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Stage Manager: Aj Dobbs Office Manager: Tara Webb

Hedda Gabler performed June 12th – 29th, 2009

Synopsis: Hedda, the daughter of an aristocratic and enigmatic general, has just returned to her villa in Kristiania (now Oslo) from her honeymoon. Her husband is George Tesman, a young, aspiring, and reliable (but not brilliant) academic who continued his research during their honeymoon. It becomes clear in the course of the play that she has never loved him but married him because she thinks her years of youthful abandon are over. It is also suggested that she may be pregnant.


Dark Rapture

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: Eric Overmyer Dark Rapture - HB Studio

Director: Amy Wright

Cast: Shaun Bennet Wilson, Chris Brescia, Candace Bryant, Pascal Escriout, Katy Frame, Ross Kramberg, Dina Lucchesi, Arnie Mazer, Craig McNulty, Rachael Murdy, Antony Raymond, Charles Sprinkle, Giovanni Villari

Set: Giovanni Villari Lighting: Corrie Beth Shotwell Costume: Catherine Siracusa Dramaturg: David Smilow Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs Assistant Stage Manager: Karen Veninga-Zaricor Production Assistants: Samantha Carlisle, Stephanie Carlisle Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Christina Roussos

Dark Rapture was performed June 10th – 27th

Synopsis:  This play takes place in many cities in the United States including, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Santa Barbara, and many others. Escaping from the ‘perfect’ life, Ray fakes his death by setting his own house in Los Angeles on fire and faking his identity in different cities in order to start a new beginning. His wife, Julia goes along with the secret scheme by pretending as if he’s dead and is now dealing with several economic issues as a result of his faked death and the burning of their house. Two men, Vegas and Lexington are in the search of five million dollars that Julia and her husband owe and so, they embark into an investigation trying to find Ray in the many different cities where he could be possibly hiding.

Destination Alaska

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: Robert KingDestination Alaska - HB Studio

Director: Peter Bennett

Cast: Jack Davidson, Rosemary De Angelis

Set: Giovanni Villari Lighting: Jill Nagle Costume: Catherine Siracusa Managing: Marlene Mancini Assistant Stage Manager: Stephanie Carlisle Office Manager: Christina Roussos

Destination Alaska was performed March 15th – April 2nd, 2010

Synopsis: Eleanor and her husband, Herb, go on a cruise to Alaska as their 40 year anniversary celebration. Eleanor faces an internal struggle while having to deal with her husband that dumps all of his issues on her, leaving Eleanor no time to relax or be at peace.

The Chase

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Horton FooteThe Chase - HB Studio

Director: Rochelle Oliver

Cast: Matthew Conlon, Nick DeSimone, Katy Frame, Duncan Hazard, Gregory Higgins, Catherine Kjome, Johanna Leister, Arnie Mazer, Andy McCutcheon, Tom Tinelli, Giovanni Villari

Lighting: John Burkland Managing: Marlene Mancini Stage: AJ Dobbs Office Manager: Christina Roussos Costume: Patricia Ashead, Catherine Siracusa

The Chase was performed September 13th – October 1st, 2009

Synopsis: Sheriff Hawes, police of Richmond, Texas and a man he convicted long ago has escaped from the penitentiary. With possibility that Bubber Reeves, the convicted, might come after him, he tries to keep the town from panicking.

Tomorrow Morning

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Laurence Mark Wythe

Director: Karen Ludwig

Cast: D.B. Bonds, Autumn Hurlbert, Matthew Hydzik, Mary Mossberg.

Set Design: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa Sculptures: Ashley Noelle Stewart Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Christina Roussos

Tomorrow Morning was performed on March 30th, 2011.


A long lost son named Eric finds his mother, Cindy. While unsettled, she has conversations of her troubled past to share with her son. With the son’s musical talents, they bond through music. From this point on, they continue to dig through Cindy’s past and her sculptures. 

The Wars of the Roses

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Austin PendletonThe War of the Roses - HB Studio

Cast: J.B. Alexander, Greg Anash, Lisa Barri*, Janice Bishop, Antonietta Corvinelli, Joseph DiSalle*, Guenevere Donohue, Trey Ervine, Domenica Galati*, Terry Gibson, John Hinds*, Robert Ierardi*, Oliver Lipton, Don Marlette*, Francis Mateo*, Orlando Rivera, R. David Robinson*, Judy Rosenblatt*, Mitch Tebo*, Kenneth Thompson, Jonathan Wiener.

*Members of Actors Equity Association

Set Design: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design:Alexander Bartenieff Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa & Sidney Levitt Technical Director & Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Stage Manager: Korrina Cragnotti Managing Director:Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson.

The War of the Roses was performed on December 2 – December 20, 2012

Synopsis: The Wars of the Roses was a 1963 theatrical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s first historical tetralogy, which deals with the conflict between the House of Lancaster and the House of York over the throne of England.