Performing Arts Programs

HB offers a variety of options for part-time or full-time study in our various performing arts programs. Current offerings are posted on our Calendar and on our Classes page. Select from our menu of studio classes and workshops or apply for the integrated intensive training programs of The Uta Hagen Institute.

The 3rd-floor registration staff is happy to assist you during office hours. No appointment is needed, but please come early if you are planning to audit or attend a class.

For information on The Hagen Institute’s 6-week Summer Intensive and year-long Core Training Program, contact Hagen Institute Administrator Jim Boerlin: or 212.675.2370 x38.

International students studying in our two-year program must have an F-1 visa. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of seven classes per week. Visit the International Students page for details or email:

All others interested in devising a custom full-time Studio program please contact the Registration team at

Auditions and Prerequisites

HB offers 3 levels of training which lead to Studio Practice. Level 1 classes are open to all without prerequisite. New acting students must audition to work at Level 2 or higher. Working professionals may submit a professional reel via online submission in lieu of the intake audition. New playwrights submit a full-length script for upper level courses. Placement for continuing students is by faculty recommendation. Auditions are required for the Hagen Core Training and Hagen Summer Intensive. Special programs and advanced workshops generally require an online submission.

Intake auditions are held before a panel of faculty who will assess each student’s skills and make the best placement against HB’s training progression. Students will then be invited to choose from a menu of classes at the level they have been assigned.

Auditions require the preparation of two contrasting contemporary monologues (3 minutes each) or a contemporary partnered scene (5 minutes), and a brief a cappella song. Students will be notified via email following the audition. The Studio charges a one-time nonrefundable fee of $15.00 for an audition.

Auditions are also required for The Hagen Core Training and The Hagen Summer Intensive. Visit the Hagen Institute pages for details.

Advanced workshops and other special programs generally require an online submission. Details are in the class description.

Performance Labs are open by audition to current and recent students. See the classes page for upcoming projects.

Before You Register

We strongly encourage all students to acquaint themselves with the policies regarding refunds, credits, and transfers before registering for classes. Students may audit classes prior to enrollment. There are no refunds or credits once you register and the class is under way, except in the case of serious illness or withdrawal for military service. Requests for these exceptions must be made within three weeks of the first day the student is absent from class.

Online registration is available only to students who are at least 18 years of age at the time of registration and, by registering online, you shall be deemed to have represented and warranted to HB Studio that you are at least 18 years of age. Any prospective student who is less than 18 years old at the time of registration should contact the third floor registration staff at 212.675.2370 x1 in order to register for courses and such registration will be permitted only at the discretion of HB Studio.

Registration with HB Studio is non-transferable.


HB Studio offers students the unique opportunity to observe classes before registering. Interested students are encouraged to audit classes in the term before you plan to enroll. Please call on the day you plan to come, or the night before for a morning class, to verify that the class you would like to observe will meet as scheduled. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the class begins. Latecomers will not be admitted. Payment for audits is by cash only. The fee for an audit is $20. A second audit of the same class is not permitted. Audits are not permitted for workshops.