F-1 Visas & Program Policies

HB Studio defines a “full course of study” as a minimum of seven classes per week. Mandatory classes include at least two Acting classes (Acting The Song and Improvisation are not considered acting classes), one Speech, one Speaking Voice class, one Movement class and two electives.  Your studies must be your priority. While attending HB Studio, NO OTHER ACTIVITY CAN TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER CLASSES.

Applicants must possess verbal and written fluency in English. Student Applicants whose first language is not English must submit their TOEFL or equivalent test score. Applicants are asked to prepare 2 contrasting monologues in English as part of your audition video (video file submission is through our online application). Depending on your proficiency, our Acting in English class, or an outside ESL class, may be recommended.

While studying as a F-1 Visa student, you must be able to support yourself without working. As part of your application packet you must submit proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses for the intended period of study.

All international students pay an annual $150 Administration Fee which is due and payable when you register.  The Studio requires payment in full for tuition and all fees upon registration for each term. The studio accepts all major credit cards, money orders, traveler’s cheques, cash, wire transfers of U.S. funds and personal checks drawn on U.S. funds in U.S. banks only. The Studio does not offer refunds to students who are dropped or withdraw from the program.

Federal regulations require the Studio to monitor student attendance. Please review our attendance policy and all program details before you make your commitment to study at HB Studio. The Studio adheres strictly to its policy regarding attendance.

Attendance Policy

Students are allowed a maximum of six absences during any term. It is your responsibility to keep an accurate account of your absences. When you incur three absences, the International Advisor will notify you in writing that you are on academic probation. If you incur more than six absences, the Studio notifies you and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) in writing that you have been dropped from the program.

The International Student Advisor will only notify you about your absences twice: when and if you are placed on academic probation, and when and if you exceed the maximum number of absences and you are being dropped from the program. Please remember that if you exceed the maximum absences for a term and are dropped from the program, the Studio is required to immediately contact the SEVP about the change in your visa status. This notification is not reversible.

Each missed class counts as one absence. For example, if you are enrolled in three classes on the same day and miss all three classes, you incur a total of three absences for that day. A missed double class (i.e., a four-hour class) counts as two absences.

Late arrivals and early departures are not allowed. If you have a special circumstance (I.E. one class ends when your next class begins) speak with an F-1 adviser. Each lateness counts as one absence.

You must contact the Key Student in each of your classes when you are not able to attend class. It is your responsibility to get the Key Student’s telephone number at the first class. If you are going to miss a class in the first week of a term, please contact the international student advisor.

Should you have an extraordinary circumstance surrounding an absence, it is your responsibility to contact the International Student Advisor. You should make your request for special consideration in writing as early as possible. Please understand that even in extraordinary circumstances, a doctors note does not mean that all absences are excused. The Studio must always adhere to SEVP regulations, and therefore, cannot guarantee approval.

You may not make up an absence in another class. If a teacher cancels a class, you are not marked absent. If there is a teacher provided make-up class, you may attend of course, but, it will not be counted.

For students participating in any of the intensive programs, no unexcused absences are permitted.