2020 Public Conversations

Public Conversation: Documenting Artists – The Performing Arts Legacy Project

A presentation of curated life histories from HB Studio’s The Performing Arts Legacy Project (PAL) workshop cohort in partnership with The Actors Fund Research Center for Arts & Culture

PAL is an initiative of the Research Center for Arts and Culture at The Actors Fund. PAL celebrates the contributions of older actors by supporting them to document their own careers in an online platform that serves as a shared theater history and educational resource.

Monday, March 9 at 7pm
HB Playwrights Theatre | 124 Bank Street, New York

Public Conversation: STORYWEAVING: Spiderwoman Theater The oldest feminist and Native American theater in the U.S. and Canada (and probably the world)

A Discussion with founding members of Spiderwoman Theater Muriel Miguel and Gloria Miguel

Monday January 13, 2020 | 7 pm | HB Playwrights Theatre