Hagen Actor’s Lab Online

January 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10, 2021 | $475: 

  • Meet & Greet: 4-6pm, Sun, Jan 3, 2021
  • Lab Sessions: 10am – 4pm, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun, Jan 4, 6, 8 & 10, 2021
  • Wrap-Up: 4-5:30pm, Sun, Jan 10, 2021


Application deadline: November 12, 2020*

Program Director & Acting Technique: Carol Rosenfeld
Script Analysis & Scenes: Mark Nelson
Voice Warm-Up: Theresa McElwee

In January 2021, The Uta Hagen Institute at HB Studio will launch its inaugural Hagen Actor’s Lab, to be held online via Zoom.

The world of theater is changing. We are all faced with the challenge of re-examining what we do and how we do it. We follow the one tenet that will never change: Theater must reflect and be relevant to the time in which we live.

Offered by HB Studio, where Uta Hagen taught her legendary professional classes for more than 50 years, the Hagen Actor’s Lab Online offers an intensive week dedicated to furthering your artistic practice as an actor through immersion in Hagen’s world-renowned acting exercises and approach to script analysis.

Given the current circumstances we are all experiencing, and with so much work interrupted, Uta Hagen’s acting exercises provide an oasis of grounded and embodied physical solo practice for the actor. The exercises offer the actor a practice that enhances mindfulness and self-observation and that is physically immersive and behavioral. They allow you to keep continuity in your work whether you are actively employed or not. They provide a methodical way to deepen your preparation for a role, keeping it alive, fluid and open. You know what your homework is and how to be ready to work with your colleagues at your first rehearsal.

Working in a safe non-performative space, in the Hagen Actor’s Lab Online you will:

  • Find ease and clarity in your process
  • Identify what the “work” actually is
  • Define your obligation to the role
  • Practice exploring substitutions that lead to choices that are specific and personal
  • Awaken your senses
  • Liberate your imagination
  • Develop your ability to reflect upon your work
  • Embrace Doing vs Feeling
  • Own your voice and points of view
  • Create circumstances that release truthful behavior.
  • Open to unexpected discoveries
  • Strengthen your desire to hear the other
  • Treasure your curiosity and keep it alive

Breaks and Guided Warm-Ups will be offered throughout the day, to step away from the screen, refresh, breathe, ground and recenter in our bodies.

Required Texts:
A Challenge for the Actor by Uta Hagen
Acting and Living in Discovery by Carol Rosenfeld

Daily Schedule:
•10am- 10:30am: Voice Warm-up
•10:35am- 12:35pm: Acting Technique
•12:35am- 1:25pm: Lunch
•1:25-1:55pm: Voice Warm-up
•2-4pm: Script Analysis & Scenes

AUDITS: We welcome you to submit a request to audit the Lab. You are welcome to request to audit (observe) one or two days of the Hagen Actor’s Lab Online. Audit fee: $45 per day. Space is limited. Those interested in auditing Hagen Teacher’s Lab Online should fill out an Audit Request Form at this link:


* Apply early, space is limited. Upon acceptance into the Lab, you must register in full by Dec 10 to secure your spot in the Lab.